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Ski Every Day – | July 23, 2024

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Vail Opening Day 2011

Vail Opening Day 2011
  • On November 18, 2011

First Day Impressions and Conditions:

Although the snow was nothing like last year there was opening day excitement everywhere!

Vail opening day looked like it wasn’t going to be busy until I got on the hill.  Chair 8, Gondola and Vista Bahn are the only lifts open and only a  few runs are open.  Conditions at the top are nice with some soft snow, probably mixture of artificial and natural snow.  Columbine – Lion’s Way – Born Free was the suggested trail route.  As only exits are Born free and Bear tree it becomes congested near the bottom, kids stay home or ski chair 15 to get back into it.

First Gondola Ride:

Five out of seven passengers had their iPhone 4’s out.  Two guys from same company were talking about how “sent from my iphone” must be removed when sending email on a ski day.

Second Run Gondola Ride:

2 guys from Toronto: Excited to discover that the front side of Vail wasn’t the only terrain but were disappointed after finding out only a few runs open.

First-timer from Alabama: “Gondola ride feels like a “fighter craft”

Local Snow Boarder: explaining importance of his backpack where the beer is stored.  “Be sure to empty it often as it will begin to smell”

We Need Snow!