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Ski Every Day – | June 21, 2024

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Sunday November 20 with kids

Sunday November 20 with kids
  • On November 20, 2011

Many more kids on the mountain today especially at top of Eagle’s Nest. The girls asked if they could do the halfpipe, Chaos Canyon, Bear Cat Cave, Caddy’s Cafe…etc. I had to inform them that all of those regular runs were closed.

Born Free gets old quick.  Third day in a row here, no new terrain.  Getting a taste of what it would be like to ski in the East day-in, day-out.  Steep (sort of) and icy over and over again.  Took my 6 year old twins out for their first runs of the season.  They show no fear or concern about the icy conditions. Near bottom of one of the runs one flys off the catwalk.  Last season she ended up “in a tree” on the same run, thus she decides to take the farthest route away from said trees.  This is just the first of many mini heart-attacks, I am sure I will suffer while trying to keep up with them this season.  Tomorrow, the kids’ afternoon chores include a “snow dance”.  Will pay them depending on the number of inches it produces.

It is very tough coming up with new material for this blog with limited terrain open.

Click here  to see some video of today’s skiing (girls skiing).

At least I captured a bit of air on one of my pictures.