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Storage of ski and snowboarding equipment

  • On July 3, 2014

Improper storage of ski and snowboarding equipment can lead to lasting damage.

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It is especially important to keep you gear safely stored during the hot summer months. Follow these storage tips so your board is ready for the 2014 ski and snowboard season!

Sharpen up. After a season of using your gear, you will want to clean it up and ensure it is in optimal conditions prior to storing it for the summer. Check the integrity of the board, and sharpen the edges to clean up any rust or other damage that may have occurred throughout the winter. Ensure the surfaces of the board are smooth before applying any wax.

Wax on, wax off. Once your board has been sanded and sharpened, wipe off any excess dust, dirt, and debris. Then, lather on a thick coat of wax. This will help to help keep the board protected throughout the summer, preventing it from drying out, and start your ski and snowboard season with a fresh and durable board.

Wrap it. Regardless of where you plan on storing your gear, it is best practice to wrap your gear to prevent rust or dust buildup. Humidity is your winter gears biggest enemy, and promotes the growth of rust. Wrap your gear in plastic or the board bag it was sold in to keep it dry and prevent rust from developing while in storage.

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Buff up boots. Cleaning and preparing your boots for storage is something many people neglect when packing their gear up for the summer. Moisture settles inside of boots each time they are worn. If this moisture is ignored, it could develop into mold. It is important to remove the liners of your boots and wipe the shell of the boot with a damp cloth. Hand-wash the liners and insoles with water and a mild cleanser, and dry them completely before placing them back into the boots for storage. Ensure that the boots are tied or buckled so that they retain their shape.

Keep it together. Contrary to popular belief, you should not relax the tension in your binding springs. While it was once a necessary part of preparing your gear for storage, it is not the case anymore. Relaxing the bindings can cause the boots to lose their shape and pose a problem when the winter season rolls around. If you are set in your ways and want to loosen your bindings, just remember that you did so you can tighten them up come ski and snowboard season.

Stow away. Wherever you decide you are going to be storing your board, make sure the area is cool and dry. It is best to store your gear standing up, as opposed to laying it on a flat surface. Storing your gear upright helps to preserve the camber, or shape, of the snowboard. Avoid placing your gear on a hard surface. Carpeted surfaces work best, but if you don’t have carpeted floors, you can rest your gear on old towels or Styrofoam blocks.

Remember these easy storage tips when packing your winter sports gear up this summer. These simple practices can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. For more information, contact the professionals at The Ski Bum.

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