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Ski Every Day – | June 8, 2023

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SCV 1980 Team Picture

SCV 1980 Team Picture
  • On December 10, 2011

What year was this SCV picture taken? 

Please email me or request to add more SCV pictures as many of the ones I have are too big to scan in.

In the gallery there is also a picture of the first day for many Ski Club Vail racers that are not full time. I love the pictures of all the racer skis ready for a day of training/free skiing.  Lift lines and mountain more crowded today.  Taking a picture from under chair 3 makes the elevation and mountain look extreme, very cool.

I started one of my GPS apps late as you can see from the map above. I’ve heard that Wednesday may be the day snow begins to fall again, look forward to more snow!

Weather Underground Vail Forecast


  1. kbvail

    Think that he is in the middle of the first row. Can’t recognize others
    Took a look at 10 day forecast, more snow days than Wednesday later in the week and next week

  2. Barrie Hillman

    I see Stephanie Pitcher on the left and I think my brother John Tyler is right next to her with the ridiculous “whoohooo” expression on his face. I put you, in the baby poop brown and blue coat – am I right? My guess is 1979-80 which was the first season John and I did SCV or 80-81. I think I even recognize myself on the right but it is too fuzzy to be sure. I totally recognize the coaches but don’t remember their names.

  3. Morgan Mahanke

    My guess is 78-79, the oldest people I see are Cindy Brown (front row, 5th from the left and braids), Doug Brown (back middle red jacket), Scott Petee (Blue next to Doug).

  4. Morgan Mahanke

    Coaches names were, Cindy Cole (Right with red hat), Ted Martin, and John Cassella.

  5. SHOKO

    I think it is 1986 or 87…. Because I am there

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