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Ski Every Day – | July 14, 2024

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Cold but well worth it!

Cold but well worth it!
  • On December 20, 2012

Added Slide Captions

Reading -10f at the base of chair 6 around 10am.  Getting prepped for the figgle derby this year which is can you ski every lift on Vail Mountain in one day.  This includes magic carpets, Cascade lift, Poma…etc.  I think it can be done quite easily as I did every lift today that was open in a little over 2 hours (no carpets).

Two snowboarders getting ticketed by Ski Patrol for cutting ropes.  Opening of Dueces Wild in Game Creek Bowl.  Rode the Gondola One with a lady from NYC speaking about planning this years ski trip.  She knew the conditions were not good all over (prior to the recent snow) and she was looking into Telluride, Jackson Hole, Big Sky..etc.  She let me know Vail was the answer as she said Vail is by far the best at keeping the mountain in good condition no matter what the snowfall amount is.  Beautiful frosted tree pictures Chair 11 and it looks like they are getting some of the back bowls ready to open.

The EpicMix Racing gates not so official but much easier to set courses.

Below is the Google Earth reading of Ski Tracks from this morning.  It would be nice to view a Winter image, does anyone know the best application to view gpx/kmz

Today’s Stats: Ski Tracks and EpicMix
Max Speed:  54.9mph
Ski Vertical: 17,583ft
Distance: 21 miles
Max Altitude: 11284
Lifts: 15

Ski Tracks December 20, 2012